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Hi All. just wanted to get this out there having been away from the forums for some long while.

So I'm doing the insanity run-through and you should know that on all three MEs I've never worried about who's on the team from a tactical point of view ; I only play as soldier class and shoot everything that moves (or looks like it might!). However now I hit a problem. Seems like I've never got enough ammunition and generally have to use everything I've got to get through each battle sequence. So, while I'm still going to go on doggedly blazing away, and I'm still not going to worry about who's on the team, anybody have any definitive ideas about the most well-rounded weapon loadout? Oh, FYI I usually hit what I aim at, so it's not like I'm wasting rounds.



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Get the Firepower pack DLC. All the weapons are extremely powerful and will help you mop the enemies up quite quickly.


Also to get through Insanity it is a good idea to consider who to bring with you. It really can make or break certain sections.

I was also a Solider. I used the Mattock from the fp pack and some armor that kept my shields strong. I also used a bonus talent that was either barrier or shields, just so I could turn it on and book it in bad situations.

I advise Miranda as a squad mate. As annoying as she is her passive perks rock. I also took Mordin a lot of balance it out. His incarceration ability was great for taking down collectors. May have also used Garrus too, cause his ugly face made me feel sad.

Customize your squad depending on what you will fighting. Miranda is the Swiss Army Knife of squadmates; her team bonuses help everyone and she can deal with Shields (Overload), Barriers (Warp) and Armor (Warp). If you're fighting anything with Barriers or Armor, I recommend a post-Loyalty mission Samara, as her Reave can handle both and effectively wipe out protectionless targets. If it's just Armor and no Barriers, Mordin's Incinerate is deadly. He's a great help against the Blood Pack. Against shields, such as Geth or Blue Suns, I recommend Tali for Energy Drain or Garrus and Kasumi for Overload. Also, you will want to swap out your bonus powers in the same fashion. As a soldier, you don't have a lot in the way of versatility, but you can make up for that with choosing your bonus powers. Especially things like Disruptor Ammo and Warp Ammo which can benefit the entire squad, or Reave which can help restore your life in a pinch.

If you are soldier class (like me), it's good to have Jack around as well. Her abilities are great for crowd control. IE, on MIranda's loyalty mission, bringing along someone like Garrus won't be useful. Miranda and Jack make a pretty lethal combo.

So thanks to everyone who took the trouble to reply to my post. For the record I used Garrus and Miranda throughout and despite having to do multiple plays on some missions I (finally) got the job done. I should add that I (of course) followed the standard advice during the suicide mission (fire team, rescue escort etc.) But hey! I got the achievement for insanity AND (because I hadn't got it the first time around) Nobodies left behind. Boy do I feel good about it!

Cheers to all and thanks again!