Late to the party, just got the game and

Just got the game and have to say its very good, A.I can be aggressive but I love that. but to say but the main pain in the *** is the online racing. 5 games in a row and 5+ times smashed off into a spin or off the track. There is a lot of fair racers out there but just looking at the amount of people in your mirrors who use you as a brake or come off there racing line to just smash you is crazy and shows there is a real lack of skill with alot of people in the game.

Need to find a Racing league so i can get some fair races, so who knows of some good ones.


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Hey Assassin. I totally agree about the AI. We all know there's nothing to do about the people online. We had to kick a few ourselves. I'm co-leader of a nice group of players that just love cars, talk  cars all day. We race a lot online, do rivals, trade cars, tunes, vinyls designs, whatever. Khronokai is the leader. The group started here on Xbox man. We have around 50 @ any given time. I'll send you and invite, check it out. we're around 200-225 in the world... until the wipe and we get serious, lol.

if your willing to race any ole car online try the cycled production races (everyone gets the same car) people keep races mostly clean in there (far as ive seen anyway) as all the cars are the same any major contact tends to be a one off not much of a chance of ever catching back up to the pack after it

as for the AI...compared to shift2 theyre pretty much meek n fluffy:P  

that said they still cause severe road rage for me... hate getting stuck behind the slower ones

Another club member speaks. Don't try to play rivals with farscythe... just trust me.

i cant help it.. i have stubbornness issues when it comes to admitting peoples times are faster than i can go

I got .002 behind you today, damn you for not letting me win, hehe. I was in the italia 458 race with you.

better try that one again today..thats way to close for comfort :D

loving the spec  hot laps tho..same car for all..cant say fairer than that