Last gadget on the list locked!

Hi all,

    Was just wondering whether i will ever recieve the mutlipoint grappling hook? I see alot of raised breakable walls and windows etc and i am 64% game complete. I remember with Asylum i had to wait till very late in the game to get it and then had to go back through everything to get the trophies. I am guessing the last gadget is the multipoint, but when will it unlock? I have upgraded Batman to maximum except this one unlocked thing.


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the multi point grapple hook is not in this game.

the raised walls need other ways to be broken.

There is no multi hook in this game, I was expecting the same,  there are alternative ways, I can't remember how much, but a quick look on Youtube always helps.

I'll make it even easier for you:

Any breakable wall that you would have multi-point hooked in Arkham Asylum can be "flown through" in Arkham City.  Try to find a creative way to fly through those weak walls.  If the wall is horizontal, you'll need to grapple boost through it if the wall is above you and dive bomb if the wall is below you.  If the wall is vertical, then you'll have to glide through it.


Check! Got it. Ok so i looked on youtube. I eventually unlocked the last gadget and it is the cloak ability to hide from enemies.

But i have worked out other ways. Thanks for your input though.

Yeah, not having the Ultra Batclaw kinda pissed me off. Like, Batman forgot and left it on the Island? Couldn't he send his errand boy (Robin) to go get it?

Or at least have Oracle send another out to him.