Last few achievements to get to the finish

Hi All

Can anyone who has completed the game let me know what I need to do to get the last few achievements to complete the game.

I need:-

1) World Traveller - although I am in season 11 and have completed the time trial and done some of the test circuits - what circuits am I missing for this achievement same goes for all golds in season events? I always seem to end up at Sedona raceway for some reason.

2) Auctioneer - I have a Renault Clio V6 in the auction site but no takers as yet - its only on for 1,000cr

3) 100,000 points drifter - but just read something about that one on this thread

4) Vinyl, tuning, set up - have a set up for Scion if someone want to buy it

Any tips welcome so that I can tick off this game as completed and move on to Forza 4.



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1) Is done in the season play. check the events list to see if there are any unchecked events. Doing all those may unlock it. If all the events list are checked off, it should be the season play that would do it. I'm guessing you have a few events unchecked on the list (hopefully).

2) Send me a friend request and I'll take it.

3) Search achievement trackers, this one is detailed as Mt. Fugi with a few different cars as the easiest way. I've been ignoring that one for a year, good luck.

4) see # 2

For number 4,i dont think you have to actually sell a vinyl,tunning setup think you can just go and put it in your storefront


Do you still need help with #4 on your list? If so, I will buy your set up if you will buy one of my vinyls :-) Always willing to help a fellow gamer.

Best regards.

I'm trying to do  Lapper...Can't find Time Trials yet in the game o.O


Go to leader boards, then look for time trial. Complete one lap, then quit. Achievement will pop. Hope this helps.

I still have to get level 45 and level 50!.

Do you still need help with nr -2???i will buy it from you...