last 4 achievements (non boosting thread)

first of all this ISNT a help me get the last 4 achievements I'm missing thread or a need people that have certain maps thread.
just a simple question, I'm missing the paper beats rock achievemet, you blew it up, dont touch that and all alone, I know the all alone and dont touch that are really map locked to a certain map on the defiant pack, and the you blew it, well you need invasion plus the new map, but with the paper beats rock do I need to do them on a specific map too? I've done the requirements a few times but no ahcievement 


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Pretty sure you do need to be on a Defiant map as it was a part of the latest batch of achievements which seem to all be locked to certain map packs for some reason. I'm hoping that in the January update they'll bring back some kind of DLC playlist, as right now  trying to even get on the right maps is a pain.

well that blows, cant earn those last 4 achievements I'm missing till I buy the old map packs LoL I would only be missing one if you could get the achievements with the anniversary maps and playlist :(


why 343 why did you made them obtainable on certain maps only :(


hope they make them abailable on the anniversary playlist on the next playlist update

Yea, I know how you feel. I only need three more, and two of them I would have already got if it wasn't for them being map specific. :(

I'll have to buy M$ points ASAP to get the new maps and hope that premium slayer comes back


may the best Elf win

Are you proposing an achievement race, Mr. Elf?

well, you already have the maps, I still need to buy both of them, that wouldnt be fair LoL but if you want a race I'll give you a race, a friendly competition for achievements never hurted anyone

I don't even have the anniversary maps just yet but I'll join the race. Already have all the Reach achievements except the newest set.

Yay! This should be fun. :)

you have both types of advantage JB0NYU, you have all map packs right? :P and also you're only missing 3

and fluffers, its ON!

Yep, I'm currently in the lead ^_^ ... If only I could actually get to play on some defiant maps... and the right game types necessary *sigh*