So I was just wondering if I buy BB2 in Germany, will it be in German? or can i play it in english too? as i live in germany, but id rather play it in english.




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as far as i know. Everthing in germany you buy will be in German, if its a game, or a movie, you will have to do it in German.

All the games i buy in sweden,comes with english language.

There are "nordic editions" of some games,where you can choose swedish.

Most of the games are in German, but you can always buy it online from England.

Thanks for the replies! I was just wondering because I have BadCompany 1 from Germany and it plays in english and so I wasn't sure about the second one..

Again thanks!

i live in spain and have the same problem after a chat with an help full shop assistant he advised me to buy from uk as the majority of the shooter and sports game are only in local languages