if there is people saying that they are going to hack you or swearing at you, report them,block communications, and avoid. If they are using intense language or anything like that just try and get the microsoft number and ring them. I have been told that im going to get hacked but obviously i don't believe


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Phoning XBPS (Xbox Phone Support) Seems a-bit extreme, but you can simply use the reporting tools to report the abusers.

Lol, I agree if someone says they're going to hack you then just report them instantly don't call anyone it won't make much a difference.


Now if someone actually does hack you or does something that might change the behavior of you're game or Xbox then you report them and contact customer support, Either by phone or by forums


But don't stay silent i seen some people get cursed or told that they're going to be hacked and did nothing which in my opinion isn't a smart move at all.... If someone makes an accusation like that even if they're lying report them.

It xbox live you have to learn how to ignore people but chos is right

Also just click "block communications" on them so you don't get any more messages.  Once you mute someone in game, they will be muted until you "unmute" them.  So even if you play 3 days later and that person happens to join a game you are in, they will still be automatically muted.  Then just submit a bad player review so that you have a lower percent chance of playing with this person in the future.  No, he can't hack you unless you gave out your email and password somewhere.

I agree, the 'Mute' option is the best, I know you can mute all people who aren't your friends by going to Edit Profile → Privacy Settings → Voice and Text → Friends Only. Using this method, you are able to mute everyone on the Xbox Live gaming network except for those players in your list of friends. I use this when playing Halo, Call of Duty or any other MP game that is well known for its foul-mouthed community.