LAN Party for Black Ops2

I have two Xboxs at my sons gaming party, but I can't seem to get 8 players to all play at once.


I have

2 TV's

2 Games

2 Xboxs

both are hooked up to my wireless router and I can see each game if created locally, but I can only get 2 players on one tv and 2 on the other.  Why can't I get 4 on each tv?  What am I doing wrong.  Should I just remove it from the wireless and connect a LAN or RJ45 cable into the back of each system and just connect them hard wired into each one?


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Can I come?

All you can play with is two players per console if your doing system link which is the only way your going to play against another console via lan (system link).

If my memory serves me correctly, BO2 does not support 4 players locally - only 2. So, instead of 8, you only get 4.

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Can I come?


You wanna play with little kids? Ew. =|