Hi all,

I will soon to be starting up a weekend gaming office. I am going to be setting up around 10 360's all with headsets and monitors (not tv's) on a LAN. I am sick and tired of the poor connections that other people play with so I have taken it upon myself to start this up. Initially it is only on Saturdays and Sundays, but if there is enough interest I will look to run it during the week as well.


Now with having to rent the office, there will be a cost. It will cost £40 for a 6 hour gaming session, there will be breaks in between gaming sessions obviously, so the gaming session is the time spent on the actually xbox. Now if you have 9 other friends and want to hire us for the full day it will cost you £350, and you will also get an extra hour.


If you are a clan and want a 4v4 against someone else, we will look into who we have and set a session between the two teams. As it is a clan match these tend not to last too long so it will cost every player £10 to play best of 5. If you want to play more games then let me know when you get in touch and if the team your going up against agrees we can all come to some compromise with regards to price and time spent on the systems.


As I am from Sheffield, UK I will be holding it in this area. The office that it will be held at is near Sheffield Hallam University, which means it is around a 5 minute walk from Sheffield train station so it is easily accessible from where ever you are from.


I have 3 games that I will be providing. These are: Call of Duty: Black ops 2, Halo 4 and Fifa 14.As a gamer myself I am open to people coming and playing any game they want if they want to provide that game.

If you are interested or have any queries, then please leave a comment in the section below and I will get back to you.

Thank you


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