lambent in mutiplayer?

Does any one know?  would at least be a cool idea for for some dlc, i could see it working in wingman and a few other gametypes well.


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Would be sweet to play as locust vs lambent or COG vs lambent.

No they arnt in MP, i watched a vid that was on the dashboard in august i think it was, they mentioned what stuff they wanted to put in the game but chose not to and having Lambant as a playable character in MP was one of them, but who knows, they have alot of DLC planned and might change their minds and include it in a later DLC, but as of now there isnt any.

there is also a badass kantus to play as

It's just 2 teams and i don't think any lambent looking locust are playable. But the savage locust are.

It would be cool especially if their is going to be a multi team playlist

yea what Lord dirt said,     i know cogs and locast are the main two enemys, but it would be a waste of some cool charater models if they didnt use them in mutiplayer somehow.

I think he means playing as lambent characters

You mean just running nilly willy all over the map? Isn't that horde is for?