lambent berserker in hardcore campaign

any tips, I 've been playing with 3 others and the thing just kicks our @@@.


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Once you have it lured into the base, just unload shots into its chest and roll of of the way when it charges.

what weapon did you use?

Sniper, Lancer and pistol.

I used the Gnasher a little because I felt like being an idiot.

we get stuck around the point that the berserker starts running around leaving walls

that part takes forever to do on hardcare. just try to run after you in a small circle and roll to the outside when it charges and unload as much as you can.

Pretty much shoot in the chest as see runs at you.  Remember, she hears where you are so if you stand still and have your teammates move to the right or left of you, you can shoot the chest as she runs at them or you.  Just dodge at the right moment if she is near you.  If you go down, have a friend lure her away and your other friend pick you up.  It took me two tries but in the end.  It took 10 reloads with chainsaw to take her down, and I was by myself with AI's.

It's not a hard fight just takes forever :-(

Yeah that thing is no joke. Patients and Good team work is the only trick. We were on that girl yesterday for 45 min till we got so frustrated that we just had to take a break.  

Stick nades on walls, then have her charge them. Speeds things up