Laggy zombie matches recently?

Recently, anytime I approach round 29 and beyond on an Xbox live match, private or public, it frame rate lags so bad you can't run straight. The only relief is to hold a claymore and the frame rate fixes itself (odd I know but it works). But once you switch to a weapon, it goes back to the so laggy it is like watching my wife try to make the character run up stairs without hitting a wall laggy. Anyone else getting this and know of a way to fix said issues?


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How old is your xbox? Trying clearing the cache on the system and see if that works.

My xbox isn't that old, it is the red resident evil version, so 3 years maybe? The box itself isn't the issue though as all 4 of us playing were lagging, not just me. We tried my connection 20 down 7 up and my friends at 50 down 12 up and neither improved. So who knows, My last game, got to 34 with 3 and had no issues. It just seems the servers for zombies are getting a little more laggy as of recent. I may clear the cache and reload the map packs for this game as I don't use the packs from other ones anymore. Couldn't hurt I guess.

Same here. started about a week ago. Not all the time. sporadic. Just last nite it got so bad we had to quit. Have no Idea how to fix.