Laggy much?

So I jump into some Xbox One matches of Ghosts, and every room I join is a lag fest. I'm running my One through wireless (so that might have something to do with it) but my 360 worked fine on the same network. That lag is worse than even Brink... Anyone else on One have the same problem? Is it something wrong with the Ghosts servers? Or maybe just the "midnight rush" of new buyers? Would be nice to get some clarification on this =/

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Should be ok when the dedis go up and stabilise,Whenever that is!Still waiting on my One so i've not tried yet,Supposed to get it within the next 2 hours!

I have to be honest and say that on the ONE it is getting bad lag,and studdery play wise. The 360 was great and maybe I had one game of lag. Last night on the one it was bad at one point every time I sprinted I just felt all twitchy and jagged. The game was a wash.

Im on the Xbox 360 version and it was laggy as hell last nite and early this morning.

Last night I played and I couldn't turn while moving. It was horrible! Can someone from IW or Xbox do something about this?

i wish they would tell us whats going on, at least we would know, i wouldnt mind so much if they did tell us, need to show us gamers some respect its we who fork out our hard earned cash, we just need to be updated more on these kind of issues

Played my first game of multiplayer yesterday, and it was fine for 20 seconds then 5 second lag, i ran up stairs and after the lag i was back at the bottom, people would shoot me even if i wasnt in sight etc. terrible lag, well worth the 450quid!