Lagging the past couple of days

Has anyonelse had this problem. Seems like the past couple of days I have been rubberbanding all over the place. Never happened before. Have they done something?


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They did more 'Lag Compensation' tweaking with the latest title update.  I would say it made it a little worse for me but still playable.

My brother was screaming about more lag and being booted from disconnection recently. Then again, my brother constantly rants and cries about it everyday...

Yeah I know the type.  But this is awful. Never have I had this much trouble in a cod game.

MW3 is trying to keep up with the LAG on

Only Lag times I get are when I go Xbox Live Page to click Xbox Live I have to click A Button so many times just get in. And during in that game play on Live is when you see splitscreener's in the game will cause lagging and can sometimes disconnect that match with everyone and back in to lobby with the rest of players.

Since the patch Ive been lagging really bad, I hope IW fix this.

I've noticed more lag in the last couple of days on most gametypes.    and with Ground War, which lags anyway because host connections that cant handle that many players.... it has just gotten even worse.