The game was perfect until I downloaded the new patch. Now I keep getting booted out of the game during multiplayer, and the game is slow and locks up. Anyone else having these issues?

I've rebooted my Modem and Xbox. Internet speed is 100MBps.


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Its not just your speed but quality of connection.

I can surf the web, stream netflix and play ghost - doing it right now. on only 5D 1U

But I connect to fiber-optic main line 2 blocks away.

If your on cable, you could have miles and miles of wire before you reach the main line.

I'm on fiber as well.. It's still laggy

 Something you have to keep in mind is that cable internet is shared with your neighbors .... even fiber in most cases.


  When you dl or ul something, it cant be done simultaniously with your neighbors. You basically take turns. You will send a small amount of info, then your neighbors get their turn, along with everyone else on the same line. You arent sending and recieving a steady stream from/to your console. It works like pulses. The more people in your neighborhood using the internet means longer waits in between each pulse.


   This is all done extremely fast, and with computers buffering the info before it is played you can appear to have a nice steady stream. However .... buffering a live real-time game feed just wouldnt  have the same effect. No matter how great your cable connection may be, there is still going to be lag. Not only from distance, but from this sharing thats going on.


  there isnt really any way for the developers to get around this completely. Its not necessarily their fault, its not necessarily your isp's fault. Its just the way it works. Its what technology is available and thats just the way it is.

Also realize that when you go to certain bandwidth speed websites your ISP will temporarily increase your speed to make it appear your speeds are bigger than they actually are.... This HAS been PROVEN by

what attracted me to "uverse" everyone is cable mad in this area, but I can do more online easier then most I know.

al they fall for these crazy fast speeds, that are for common site that the cable has 90% cached so it can come at that speed. But then pure data exchange like online games,,,,,,, it breaks down.

saying its all down to your connection is wrong. You can play a game and be fine then play ten horrific games. Most folk see the that theres a pattern (apart from microsoft) i.e. if you are in England and play with anyone from continental europe, russia or mexico you will have terrible lag and a portion of your kills attributed to them. If they are on the enemy team they will have between two and as much as ten+ seconds lead time on you (getting shot through walls or rocks or 300000 tons of virtual soil or killed by a single pistol shot to the toe). It is solvable part in network matching and part by giving us choice over which countries we play in the settings of the console or games. Its the usual you paid, you can't get your money back, they tell you its your fault and you fall for it then tell others its their fault too and finaly, we love playing so much we come back despite it all and pay again. Why bother fixing it when we buy it anyway. Halo Vista anyone. I played halo through the bungie years but after the lack of story and character of enemies and music, I am extremely nervous about buying yet another console just for a new halo and definately considering the lack of effort before and after sale of these games and the MCC is already well known for being useless its very very sad.