Lag Since the June Update

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble with lag since the update?  I'm not talking about a few little hicups here and there.  I can deal with that, but when the disconnect picture comes on the screen almost every game and ends up getting my killed I get kinda tired of it.  I've only played a couple games so maybe it will pass..


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Probably just "bandwidth" being eaten up by people downloading the update. It should pass.

Nearly every game I've played since the update has had lag issues.

This is what happens when you divide the player base according to how much money you have paid to activision to buy their map packs. San Diego is now in the same locale as New Zealand, UK, Japan etc. just cause I have not bought any map packs and there are not as many players for matchmaking. Looks like the aliens on Mars and Jupiter are part of the COD universe now.

I have gotten into two matches like that today but I think it was just bad hosts to be honest even though everyone was 3/4 bar. Besides those two isolated incidents there hasn't been any real lag difference in my opinon.

i strongly suggest dedicated servers!!! ......... they make enough money to have dedicated servers!!!