Lag or just hit detection ?

I normally  don't really like to use or make excuses why I just  got my butt handed to me on the BF3.I really don't care what gun or set up you use as you could....just be better then me and some need to face this fact. I could care less about noob tubes, frag rounds, scopes or claymores as its all part of the game IMO. The guns and perks are there for a reason you wanna use them ......go crazy.

But I am having a issue and was wondering if it's just me or should I contact my internet provider. Lag or hit detection seems to be an issue for me right now. The past couple days I can be unloading a clip on a guy who isn't even looking at me and he turns around and lays me out.  Most times I get hit detection markers then when I die the guy is still at 100%? How if I get a hit detection marker can he still be at 100%. I have decent aim(about 19% I think) and have played this game enough to see something just seems wrong lately. 

Anyone ?


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Are you kidding? Ipad, another Xbox, two computers... I'm struggling to get the money to custom build a desktop (cheaper than buying full retail)... >.<

As Lax said, for me its also very sporadic. One match everything I shoot at goes down almost instantly, the next I would be better off throwing my gun at the enemy. And I will get hit markers for days with no kill. Just last night I was in a server that had people in it that could take 10-15 rounds and still have half their health while I go down in one shot. Its lag, that I know. Thank Dice for switching to client side hit detection. Of all the really idiotic things they've done with this game, that one is the top of the pile imo...

I have a buddy I run with on a regular basis who has fibee optic internet and he still lags on this game... imagine that...

it's sporadic for me...some games I'm on the ball.....other games it's like I should consider a different hobby...lag might be a factor, I notice it's worse when my wife's streaming Netflix on our blueray, while the kids are simultaneously streaming youtube vids one kid on their Xbox, the next kid streaming on his ipad, and the last streaming on the laptop ...all at once, and there I am trying to play Battlefield in middle of it never

Yeah,Same for me,Some games enemies will go down like a cheap hooker,some games i'm the one going

I thought this game was perfect everybody?* Anyway it is stupid client-side hit registration/detection that is ruining the experience. It used to be server-side in all previous Battlefield games. That is your issue.


* Not saying OP said this.

@ lax.....exactly. I got my 15 year old streaming his face time vids trying the get chicks in their thongs and actually  thinks I don't know. Stupid teenagers!  My wife is effing shopping again and my 5 year olds downloading  iCarly vids.......and I am *** about lag....Duh!

But even with my entire family tied to tree outside  it's still and issue....

Oh and I just found out At&t has reduced my download speed because we download too much WTF is that about ??? Big business.  Smart phones my *ss

@ Hooch I play with Funkin Wacky he has some fancy smancy big city  internet and generally has the worst connection playing games but can download porn/updates faster then anyone lol. Yet I also play with this backwards @@@ Canadian Nertia who needs to peddal a dam bike to increase internet speed and his connection is generally  fine.

Efff it I am going back to dial up........>Bring it Bitc8hes

Good stats bro . If I ever hit 2.0 kd somebody else is playing with my controller lol  

angry birds is meh.

it almost seems like p2p servers, when kaos servers went down they switched to p2p, idk for sure but i think they nver put the dedis back up

...ea would never do anything like that, especially not behind our backs

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