Lag issues ?

Hey guys anyone else having any lag issues since last patch when playing online ? Ever since patch I have being getting spikes so does everyone I speak to. But tonight its being full on freezes for the whole group for 10/15 seconds. Seems to be whenever we come into contact with elites.


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Played last night (10/22), and we were having CRAZY lag issues.  To the point where first a friends xbox froze, and then once he got back in, mine went down 20 minutes later.  They seriously better be fixing this issue.  Friends of mine playing on the PS3 aren't having any where near these problems from what I hear.

Mines cleared up I seem to only get it with certain friends so I blame them :-)

I have beendet lagging everthing i Do it is delayed on Advanced warfare please can someone help

I am having freezing and crazy lag. Moved from ps3to Xbox one and I am regretting it wtf... All I see is lag problems every game from sports games to fps ...

I have driven myself crazy with this lag issue. As an electrician, I have verified every aspect of the entire system from a new Xbox to the connections made on the cat 5 in my house. Everything is good but yet the lag persists. I cant help but think that Xbox Live no longer maintains the service which would explain all of the invisible people......

Hello I am new to this forum and I am seeking help. I moved from DSL to Cable internet and never had huge issues with lag when I had lower speed DSL. I am having a ton of lag issues with xbox live now. I have a Netgear N450 (CG3000DV2) cable modem/router. I tried port forwarding (could have done it wrong) my NAT type is open. Can someone please help me out or walk me through other things I can try?


There's always lag on xbox 360 because they're only focusing their attention on the one, 360 isn't important enough to care about. But anyway; there's a guild on xbox 360 called Shadow Angels, It's a guild that was created around Diablo 3 RoS but has been expanding to other games and consoles. We're always looking for respectable and considerate people to join our guild. Check us out at: we've just created a forum at:

The lag has been rediculous for the last couple of weeks.  All of my friends and I play COD BO3 and are in party chat and the lag is so bad that most of the time you cannot even move.  We have had many discussions about it and what might be causing it.  Some think it's the Call of Duty servers, buy like many of you, I have seen the lag in other games as well.  I spent 45 mintues on the phone with support and we looked at everything.  My internet is great so it's not that.  They had me remove my profile from my Xbox, power cycle it, re-load my profile, power cycle again and it seem to work better for about 5 games, but then it just continued to get worse again.  I noticed also that when I ask Cortana to record a game capture, it lags even worse, I wonder if the Xbox keeping a recorded history in case we want to keep something is causing the issue.  I also spent a bunch of time chatting with a rep who said the most important things are to first, report a problem right from the Xbox, then post here on the forums.  I am doing the second part now.  I have also recorded many 1 minute captures that show the lag issue.  We have also noticed that the lag is either causing the ping to jump, or the ping jumping is the cause of the lag.  My ping goes from around 40-50 to around 500-600.  I have no packet loss and my download is near 90 Mbps, while my upload is about 5.6 Mbps.  When you contact support, they always want to look at your Xbox and your internet and all first, even if you tell them that it is not an isolated issue.  They need to understand that this is a very problematic issue and making the game hardly worth playing.

Another possibility is that it is the COD servers, but if that is the case, then Xbox needs to have a talk with them and make sure that they are keeping a high standard for their gamers.  This kind of issue, if it is just COD will have a bad reflection on Xbox itself and may cause some to jump ship.  If it isn't COD and is Xbox Live that is the problem, then they really need to look into this and make sure they are doing everything they can to assure the gamers and having the best experience possible.

XBOX - There is a correlation between party chat and the lag, there is also a correlation between recording game captures and the lag, and it is not on the user's side.  If you want more information or want to see what we are dealing with, please feel free to contact me.

We need anyone and everyone who is experiencing this lag issue to notify Xbox so that they understand how negatively it is affecting the end user.