Lag in this game absolutely the worst I've ever seen help please

OK I just got Black Ops yesterday and after getting past the campaign in 3 hours I decided to play multiplayer online and got the worst lag I've ever experienced, so I closed all that I had open on my computer to see if that would help and it didnt.


After 3 games of moving backwards and sideways when I wanted to move forward and only getting 2 kills thanks to shooting in every direction, I stopped playing online and only played again an hour ago, and got the lag again, so I turned off the computer and that didnt help at all and others players told me to shut up and I was ruining the game for everyone else.


Now my best friend lives only 3 minutes down the road and he can play the game just fine why cant I, someone please tell me what do I have to do to fix this problem. Someone please help me out here as I'm close to returning this game over this.


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Do a speed test. It might be you. I know that the lag in Black Ops can be bad at times, but it's never ALWAYS as bad as you described.  

The lag is that bad now how do I run a speed test exactly.


I would definitely have the computer and any other networked device turned off while playing Black Ops.  If you have roommates or people who live with you that could be hard to do, but I have been known to lower your Quality of Service through my router if you bandwidth hog at my house.


You could also set your Xbox in the DMZ, run wired instead of wireless (if you are), open ports, and reset your router and modem.  All of these things will help and are easily googled so give them a try.

I might do this but I didn't have to with other games like Halo Reach and Dead Space why do I have to do with Black Ops is it Activisions idea if so I say get a patch to fix these lags out now as the 1s they do have don't work.

it might just be your internet, also it never helps you having computers running with the internet on etc.

This game sucks.

But anyway, though laggy I have never been "rubber-banded" as you've described for multiple consecutive games.

Anyway, do the speedtest, it's quick and easy.

You could also try and put the game to search on Local Only under the Locale settings.  I can't remember exactly how to do it but it is on the main screen when you come online.  I think you the Back button to access this setting.  Helps a ton in online game play.

Oh dear.

Listen sunshine , its YOUR connection thats bad.  Either you have a low upload speed or your mommy is playing online bingo at the same time and stealing all the bandwith.

It's amazing how many people wont accept that their poor connection and a laggy game isnt a random coincidence.

If you're uploading anything online at the same time you're playing, you'll be effed.

Run this Speed Test, and post the results.  

Before I even see the results, I'm going to tell you that your lag is caused by:

1. A high Ping rate

2. A low Upload Speed

3. The Firmware on your Router is out of Date

4. Your Router is non-compatable with XBL

5. You are running Wirelessly on a inferior connection speed.

6. You have a computer running while playing.  Even if it's idle with no programs running, it's still eating up bandwidth.

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