Lag, Hacks, server problems, or all of the above?

Why is Halo3 soooooo slooowww online? (I have a broadband connection ADSL2+, NAT is open)

Why do i get killed with 1 or 2 shots, and I can't kill opponents with a full clip to the head?

Why am I a Lieutenant in the service record but no achievement is unlocked? (Perhaps that's because some days I'm a GSgt gr2 in the changes)

Why can other players move so much quicker than me in the game?

Why do I always get the BLUNT sword?

Why are my mellee strikes not effective? (Sometimes I have struck 3 times and the opponent strikes once and I die)

Why don't some opponents die when I shoot them IN THE HEAD TWICE with the SR?

Why is Halo 3 such a crap game compared to Reach (where I dont have these problematic things happen)?


It would be nice to have a valid explanation from some sort of official. I doubt I'll ever get that money has been got, and I'm just an old fool from the end of the world who just likes to play for fun.....only it isn't fun with these things happening, or not happening.

Does anyone else have these problems with Halo3?


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The film will only show from your Xbox's perspective .


Even if you flick to another person's view, it will only show what they were doing from your perspective. There's no way to get other people's films unfortunately.


I'll play with you next time I'm on H3 if you want man . I'm Kiwi and tend to play with Aussies or Kiwis . I'm playing a LOT of Dragon Age 1/II recently but H3's never far behind.

Thanks for your replies, particularly your in-depth reply CSB.

The other  thing I considered is that my game skills are not up to it.

I'm not a star, but I'm no slouch either.

Sometimes, when an unexpected event occurs in a game I replay the film to see what actualy transpired from the POV of the opponent as well. Yes there are still issues. I suppose that's the way it goes.


I haven't had any problems playing Halo 3 recently, like Bob says, if you're from australia you get lagg.

It's almost all lag, but it's nothing wrong with the game.


1) Since you're Australian, Americans typically pull Host over you. This means that your connection has to send information all the way to the US and then all the way back before anything looks like it's happened. That is your problem for the first question you had: the Host of most matches is miles away from you.


2) I have no idea. I suspect you aren't seeing something that's important, but if not then it's just lag. However, this looks like extremely severe lag so I suspect there's something wrong on your end (playing while the connection is capped, playing while others are using your connection heavily).


3) I do not know about this Achievement, I haven't been after that Achievement for several years. However, the conditions changed when an update was released for the game. I suggest getting 50 EXP in any single playlist as I believe that grants you the Achievement.


4) I suspect you are simply missing something again. There is no way to move faster than someone else.


5) When the sword runs out of ammo it loses its blade but otherwise I do not know.


6) When you melee someone, your connection has to go to the Host ---> then the Host acknowledges it...... then it goes back to you --->. What this means is that you will punch someone and your connection will start going to the Host. However, if they are closer to the Host, they will punch you first (because players melee at roughly the same time and they're closer to the Host), it will register before yours does and it will kill you, preventing yours from ever taking place.


With regards to hitting someone three times I suspect you are playing when someone else is using your network, though I can't say, of course. A particular match could also have problems (sometimes the Host is poor and can't process information quickly, but this affects everyone) although this is not going to be common enough.


7) Again, I'm going to say this is your network being used. This will be a cause for most of your problems beyond normal, long-distance Host issues. There is one other possibility you may have noticed that I won't discuss, though this is unlikely to have been an issue enough for you to have noticed it.


Otherwise, sometimes bullets simply don't count and this is a lag issue. It happens with all weapons but it's very obvious with the Snipe, of course.


8) Personally I think Reach is the worst Halo game to date and I do not play it, but that's up to you. A big reason you'll find it more playable is because it's a newer game and newer games always have better netcode, of course. This means that many of your connection issues can simply be ignored because the better netcode can handle it entirely.


Reach also has better regional matchmaking settings so another major issue is generally avoided: you'll find people, and therefore Hosts, who are in Aus or close by, so you'll generally avoid standard lag due to long-distance Hosts.


9) Lastly, I have issues due to American or other long-distance Hosts, as almost all of us do, but I don't have issues with most of the other things you mentioned. Like I say, I suspect most of the issue is your network being used excessively but I can't say.


Also, I'm no official but I can explain almost anything to do with H3 if you have any other questions.