Lag Compensation

ok, really - can someone actually explain this in laymens terms on what it is and how it works?


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Gamers with less than stellar internet speeds are given an even playing field by piggy backing ontothe  gamers with better internet speeds thus in the eyes of actovi$ion it evens the playing field, which it does not. It handicaps that game for us gamers with average to above average internet speeds!!! So know I am a second behind the guy with crappy internet because he is running on my speed causing me to slow down!!!! So i turn a corner see my enemy shoot and nothing happens  and i am shot and die!!! Look at the kill cam and my enemy was at the spot they killed me at a split second to a full second before me and i just stood there as they shot me a few times. That sir is lag compensation!!!!





  Its basically the code altering the time in the game so that your hitbox lines up closer to your character.

  Without it, you'd have to aim ahead on all your shots because of normal lag. By the time you see someone on your screen, they are already 3 or 4 steps ahead of where you see them.

  Lag comp takes into account the time you fired  and compares it to where the enemy actually was when you fired, then makes the decision whther you hit them or not.

   No two players can possibly see the same thing at the same time in internet gaming. Lag comp is necessary to balance out what you see and where people really are.

   Sometimes it hepls you more and sometimes it helps the other guy more. But it always helps at least a little. It would no doubt be worse without it at all.




   What cod just explained is lag without enough comp.


So i am guessing that is why opponents appear to know where I am - even before i do?

There are plenty of reasons for that.

  Uavs, sounds, feeling you with sticky aim, and often just knowing where to expect people.

wtf is sticky aim?

  Aim assist.

   It helps by pulling your aim to the character's hitbox. But its strong enough you can feel it pulling your weaon toward people inside buildings and such.

  A lot of layers constantly sweep areas with their weapon, if there is someone there they cam "feel" them

Some good explanations here, Those lovely one Bar players will see you pulling hairs ;) Many theories suggest people do this on purpose.

Lol hell yeah tired old guy! What I explained is lag comp! Shizzzzzz then wtf am I dealing with tog because dam!, I am having some serious issues the last few days.

Hey it just happens, and we all hate it when that occurs.

Lag comp is like a "governor" on an engine and everyones internet is the engine. It tries to make everyone the same speed. Basically.

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