lag compensation what to do???

We all know that there is lag compensation built into the code, but my question is why?  Why should players with good connections get punished for a dial-up user?  Its not like the dialup user doesn't know he has a bad connection.  Many times as host I get lag and sometimes its almost unplayable. I know it's not my connection or router because I'm running 50MB down and 5up with a good ping with an open NAT.  What do you guys think? Should we have lag compensation code where 90% of the world has a fast connection option or bow down the cheap player on dialup?



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Lag compensation is stupid, but what's even stupider...You getting host. Also, no one can have dialup when using XBL...and even the slowest connection (1mb DL), doesn't really make a's just the ping. Like my connection before was about 21 MB/11 MB UL, with a10-20ms ping to Boston...but my ping to, say, you in Texas, would be like 50 something. So you would have a huge advantage on me (50ms or so), even though my internet is 100x more than enough to adequately play this game.


Basically, P2P hosting is horrendous and is a big reason why I despise Call of Duty effing cheap that they still use it. It's fine for Singularity, Far Cry 2 or whatever...NOT for CoD.

Lag compensation ruins the hit detection, so yes, I agree.

I agree with op. I ugraded to fibre to level the playing field for me an average 1.6 k/d player. Some games when I'm host (about 7/10) I have to try so hard to win gun fights, other times as host I haul @@@. I would say for the most part I have better games when I'm not host though.


You suck your internet to make you better. My brother has a 1.85kd and a 2.2wl on a 2.5mb DL connection.

You can't play online with dial-up and not everyone can have a superpowered connection.


There is only one thing to do.............dashboard.