Lag Comp. Patched?

So I haven't played BOII in almost two months, for pretty much one reason; lag compensation. I felt like I was fighting some invisible computer more than I was fighting the other players. But after hearing it got a couple of patches, I have to ask; did they actually do something about the lag comp? Or would I still be playing Internet Roulette with the game if I tried to play again?


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I still find it hit-and-miss.  I have the best internet available; but doesn't seem to matter in this game :/

I have not had any issues since the last patch and I play different game types. I might also add that if you have a network, I would port forward all the ports for your Xbox and BLOPS 2.

its been out 2 months!!!! i must have missed something

Two months? So you had the game since October? I'm reporting you. :)

Oh if only it was fixed. But we can all dream a little can't we?

The connections will recieve constant tweeking throughout the life of this game. It happens with every COD, nothing new.

No improvement for me yet.  Ive done the port forward thing, tried different search options.  No luck.  The only time I see any improvement is late morning on my days off from work.  And that blows because Id much rather be playing at night AFTER work.

I hope he means 2 weeks, but either way I have noticed a better experience when I'm playing with people from the states and no real change when playing with people from here. I don't get much "lag" as it is (or maybe I just have a higher tolerance/patience for slight issues such as this) and I always enjoy myself...