Lag at launch

I am sure I will take a lot of heat for this but I still don't understand how it is acceptable to have lag and or no service during the first week of a games release.  I mean this has been going on for seven plus years now.  What bothers me the most is that peoples reasoning goes something like this, " Dude its the first week and its really popular you should expect this".  Why should we have to expect to not be able to play a game we buy?  I would understand if this had been only happening for a year or two but no this has become the norm for the past 7 years...


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What lag? perhaps you need better internet...

343i said they will fix the issues. They will fix it so why complain? Bad coding can happen.

I agree. Now with the kill cam you can really see the lag at work when you are getting shot by bullets that are missing you by 5 feet or more. It was bad enough when you just suspected it, now it is confirmed.

I've played over 50 matches and only 2 or 3 have had any lag, and even then it was unplayable or anything. IMO this has been one of the smoothest launches ever.