LA Noire/Portal 2

So I'm getting a game to hold me over till later games come out this year. Problem is, I don't know which games to buy. LA Noire, Portal 2 are the main ones i'm looking at. Also Deus EX looks fun and it comes out tomorrow. I'm really not sure. What do you think i should get guys? Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.


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deus is gettting great reviews, portal 2 is best with a friend, and LA Noire is great, but low replay. Should hold you till things get going.

I read that portal 2 is short so I doubt itll hold me till gears..Any other recommendations guys? I might wait a couple weeks and pick up Dead Island, or ill get Deus Ex tomorrow.

If you enjoy a game that tries as hard as it can to be realistic, then you will thoroughly enjoy LA Noire.

While I like L.A. Noire, I too (like Domuhnic) got bored with it fairly quickly. Rockstar games have a tedancy of doing that to me. I'm sure I'll go back to it eventually, but it didn't keep me wanting to play it.



Portal 2 is a great game if it's type of play is your thing. I love it. Some people are calling it game of the year (so far). Having played both, I would go with Portal 2.



All that said, the game I'm really enjoying right now is Alice: Madness Returns.

Portal 2 all the way, even though L.A. Noire is also pretty good...

La noire was cool, but it started getting old once i got to the second disk. I dont have experience with portal, but i think its actually pretty cheap.

Okay cool, also you guys can recommend I mean its not just restricted to these games I mentioned.  Thanks btw ^^

Get Deus Ex, I got mine shipped already.TBH I played both Portal 2 and Noire and the whole time all I can think was "wow this is what everyone is buzzing about ?" I guess I just simply didnt get those two games.