Kung fu Superstar Kinect Game

Hello everyone,

They remember that game project called Kung Fu Superstar?

Kung Fu Superstar was an ambitious 'martial arts simulator' that was to use motion control through Kinect, to replicate the player's kicks and strikes With its lead protagonist, Danny Cheng.

The project would be funded by Kickstarter, it did not reach its goal and the game came to nothing.

I was very interested in playing because I'm a martial artist as creator Kostas Zarifis, and the game was based on that.
It was interesting to play with Kinect, but for those who did not like also had the possibility of playing with the gamepad.

Its creator never more try to take the game forward after this, and as I see it, this game would be good to see the light one day or one like it to be held.

My idea is that the Microsoft see my petition and take note to create a game like this to exploit its new Xbox One Kinect certainly would be one of the first to buy a game of this type.

I tried the game "fighter within", but it really has nothing to do with the potential showing in Kung Fu Superstar.

Hopefully not the only one who is interested in the game project.

Greetings to all.


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I leave a video . I forgot to put it. https://youtu.be/KOHQhpaLAnA

why can't i Find Kung fu Superstar On xbox Game List

I would like to join you in the interest in king fu superstar


Me too.  They tried to hard with that Fighters Within game.  Keep it simple.  Punches, kicks, blocks and dodges.  Your Shape had a GREAT Brick Breaker mini game, why can't this be translated into a simple fighting style game.  I love getting some exercise on my Xbox and it would be great to have something as simple as that to work out to.

Please don't give up on Kinect, you have a great thing going, you just need the right software (at a good price) to get it going.

also bump!  I gave away my 360... so would appreciate a fighting game for the Kinect... that didn't have blood... I'm very squeamish.