Kung Fu Chaos on Xbox360(fix the problem and get it working)

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im new and this is my 1st post.

Many of us are a huge fan of the original Xbox games and want them brought back to life and seen in stores also upgraded to xbox360. 1 of my favorites is Kung Fu Chaos. years ago it use to be huge and everyone had the game, it was 1 of the best games out that people would play with there mates. i bought a disc the other month thinking oh hell yeah i remember this mad game.(hoping it would play on Xbox 360) i went home tried it out and it came up with error and some download crap. i tried everything to get it running but it didn't work. then i researched it on google and other forums that thousands of other people who bought the game wanting it to play on xbox360 couldn't get it running.

I was hoping i could get a fair amount of support here from those who love this game and other original Xbox games that are not able to be played on Xbox360 or that have not been made into xbox360 CD's. To seek attention from those who work in the Xbox Company that can do some thing about this and fix and solve the issues and problems of these games not been able to play on Xbox36 so these games can be up and running again. i would personally love to play and see Kung Fu Chaos on Xbox360


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Honestly some Xbox original games can be played via xbox 360 if you have Xbox live, Here is the resource for where i found the information support.xbox.com/.../play-original-games and also a list of Xbox games you can play on Xbox 360. Press CTRL+F to find the game your looking for faster.


Now concluding the fact you want to make a original Xbox game a Xbox 360 game i don't think Microsoft will actually do that... Unless the game developer decides to re-make the game itself. Which i am quite sure they won't do.


But still try to play the original game on the Xbox 360 and look at the list in the link i gave above to see if you find a game you'd like to play on the Xbox 360 that is a xbox original.

Or if you realy like it that much..U can buy the orginal xbox.I know that means more crap laying about and all.But you can get them dirt cheap.Or look on the web for the older games ya like.

I here ya thow,it would be nice to play older xbox games.

They should have every original xbox compatibile on 360, theres no excuse them not being, microsoft really need to pull there finger out, the scary thing is that they will probably neglect 360 games once the new gen console is out aswell which is something we dont want and we need to stand up for our rights agains them, so they realise that it is not ok.

The difference in the systems architecture themselves actually does make it quite difficult that's why it was a slow release with compatible Xbox titles on the 360 and in the end why they stopped doing it.

Microsoft don't need to pull there fingers out as you said they tried and honestly nobody cared that much, The original Xbox on GOD didn't sell all that well apart from a few titles like GTA SA. Overall people didn't want it enough for it to be a worthwhile process to continue with. Lists of compatible titles can be found with a simple search.

As a poster said above if you really want to play those games that are not compatible on 360 then buy a original Xbox, they can be found extremely cheaply so you have no excuse yourselves if you really do wish to play older Xbox titles.

The romor is the next XBOX will be fully backwordcompact with all XBOX 360 games.