KSI Gaming Community is Recruiting

Hello Everyone!

I am here today to recruit up some members for KSI for Xbox360. If you interesting in joining hit me up by messaging me here or privetly. Also check out the website at www.ksiforums.org.


KSI xXJustyXx


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What KSI is this one? KSI Global (Fuzzy meep), KSI Global (Bill), KSI United, or KSI Underground (not sure if they are still running)? I am not going or trying to bash I am just curious. I also feel that it may help get you more members if you told them a bit about KSI and what KSI you're recruiting  for.

check out XboxCulture.com - I am the owner and trying to get clans to join so we can have a clan community alongside, comprising of clan battles, game nights, etc. Will set up subforums & username titles (Leader/Elder/Etc ) for your clan. Add me as a friend or check the site out and send me a pm