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KroNiC is looking for you! It's a new clan, brand new, and we have no members so far! This will be a serious clan, that now has it's own website, and that will be thoroughly organized. If you go ahead and look me up on black ops 2. It's a .77. I'm actually a decent gamer, but my connection turned to crap. So please don't judge me on that. Back to the clan, KroNiC will have a ranking system, based on recruiting and how much you post on the website. I will always listen to what the members have to say, and I won't do something without you guys consent. I will be assigning generals to teams, that I think are loyal, and won't leave the clan over something stupid. There will be teams that will be organized when members start coming in. The ranks will be from the lowest (private) to the highest rank (General). In between their is, Colonel, Sergeant, Corporal, Captain. And when we get larger, the clan battles will come around more often, when our name gets out there. Also, I will be keeping track of your teams record (through your generals) and if the team is continuously losing, then that will be the only time I will change a team, so it will become more balanced out. Onto a new subject, our main goal with this clan is to become a quite large clan, and to get on the Top 100 clan list. Now that will take some time, but I think we can do it! Also another goal is to become a MLG clan. That will come by getting known, and getting better as we go. And KroNiC is looking for you! Sergeant and higher will be forced to have a name change to (for example, KroNiC Prototype). I want this thing to get off the ground soon, and with your help we can get it flyin'! Thanks


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