Krogan Ally achievement glitch

This is frustrating..

I started using Wrex as soon as it was possible. I have completed every side mission in the game to the point to where I unlocked the completionist achievement! And when I finished the playthrough there was still no achievement. I have spent a week on this. How is it fixable?


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How many side missions did you do? You need to do over 40 at the very least. Here is a list of them all

When I did this achievement I made sure I used Wrex for every mission, don't do any side missions until you get Wrex. I feel sorry for you if you fell into a glitch, this game can be a little glitchy sometimes. Make sure you don't fall into the blunder of using another character such as Liara or whoever just because another character recommends said character; at the time I didn't think one mission would be a big deal...I ended up having to play through the game again. :(

You should also try to avoid saving a game session that has experienced an error or glitch. It could corrupt the game file and possibly prevent you from receiving an achievement; this problem has happened to me in a couple of games such as GTA IV...where at the end of the game it had missing items which prevented me from attaining 100%.

Honestly it felt bugged to me too. I ended up having to do all the side missions in the game minus the collection ones before I got it to pop. It didn't even take that long to get the Asari one and I got Wrex as soon as I could without doing any unnecessary missions. I did get eventually it to pop though so I can't really say much to help.

I think a common mistake people make is that they spend too much time on The Citadel before taking command of The Normandy.  It's not just the missions that count, talking to anyone on The Citadel in The Embassies, Lounges, etc. without Wrex (or any squadmate you need the achievement for) counts towards the achievement.  Do the bare minimum you need to do to get Wrex on your squad as soon as possible, then talk to the reporters, consort, Alliance military personel etc. and the achievement should pop no problem...:-)

I spent 40+ hours trying to get that achievement, finished the game and still no Krogan achievement. So frustrating.

This is the way I did it.  

I made sure I did the bare minimum quests before I got Wrex. I then did all the Citadel ones, then did Feros, did all the side and main quests, went back to the citadel if ones needed to be finished or started,  then did bring Down The Sky and Pinnacle Station, went back to Citadel, then went to Noveria and did as many of the side quests. I think  Wrex popped either before heading to the area where Banezia(SP) is or after defeating her. I know I didn't have to go paste Noveria for any of the Ally achievements.

Wrex takes 45 assignments to unlock

Including the DLC which the DLC counts as a bunch you have to complete 45 out the 79 assignments.  Wrex doesn't have to be in the party during the assignments, but he does have to be there when it's marked as COMPLETED.  So to make sure wherever you go always have Wrex with you so you don't accidentally complete an assignment when he's not there.

side quests, shouldn't factor into it at all. I got the Krogan without doing but half of the side quests.

Side-quests do factor into it Akir.


For the ally achievements you need to complete the majority of the game with them in your party, side-quests are part of the game.

funny, must have glitched/unlocked for me then..cause I didn't do many sidequests at all to get both of mine to pop.

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