KOTH to get Wings during XP events

I am looking for a group to help in ranking up during the next few weekend XP events.  I started playing  day one but stopped playing Gears 2 just before title update 3.  I have picked it back up since the beta and I am currently rank 55, but without help I don't think I will make 100 by Sept 20th.  I have a family and job and can only dedicate so much time to playing.  Looking for guys in similar situation who want to get their wings, I play evenings after 10pm (Central Time).  Send me a friend request with a message saying your interested and I will try and host the games as often as I can.  I especially want to take advantage of the next 4 weekend XP event to speed up the process.  


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3 events, 15x, 20x, and 25x are all that's left past this weekend. you also need all the map packs downloaded, and to  win on the snowblind maps for GoW3.

add me, i'm level 53 atm, and annex is taking forever.

Count me in, I want to boost using KOTH, only discovered it yesterday.

how does KOTH boosting workout, might i ask... how does one "boost" it?

One group stays in the ring, while the other team jumps in each time the score moves up 1.

You staying gets you 200 each time

Me breaking it gets 50 each time

If score is set to 120, after 119 the team swaps over.

So you can get like 200 x119 for staying in the ring doing nothing = 23800.

After the map was completed I moved up 2 levels.

ok, i'm a 60 now and need to get some serious XP down  and the grind is a bit slow.

Why don't you guys do the Guardian boost?

We did this during the 30x XP event during E3, and we got about 700,000 XP a match and they take 40-45 minutes.

Thanks to those who helped out, planning on keep this going till Sept 20th.  I was only able to get about 4 hours of game play in this weekend, but I went from rank 57 to 64.  Setting up the match is the tricky part. Those still interested send me a friend request and I will add you.  I am hoping to get two groups of 5 each to make the matches faster to setup.  

I'd be glad to reattempt to connect with you The Billy Zane. Hopefully we can have a few options available in case one room is full, than there would be a back-up :D

you can add me if you want, i'm UK based tho, might be a problem on time (and sobriety) difference.

if any other UK based players want to add me for XP event boosting, feel free, just add a message so i know it's not a random.

sorry for hi-jacking the thread.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.