KOTH avatar actions

For those who don't know...

Highlight your Avatar and click the A button to bring up the menu, then press the following button combinations to perform the listed moves.



“FATALITY!” – Up, Up, Right, Right, X

 “FIGHT!” – Left, Right, X

 “Finish Him!” – Left, Right, Left, Right, Y

 “HA!” – Down, Up, Down, A

“I’m Not Worthy” – Down, Down, Y

 Big Clap – Right, Up, Y

Cheese – Left, Up, Down, B

 Cover Face – Left, Right, B

 Curse Bleep – Up, Up, B

 Devil Horns – Down, Up, X

Diamond – Up, Down, Left, Y

Double Devil Horns – Up, Down, Y

Gather Ice – Right, Right, Right, Left, Y

Hop – Up, Up, X

Lighter – Down, Down, Up, Up, X

Number One Point – Down, Up, Y

 Point – Right, Right, X

Raiden Pose – Left, Left, Right, Right, X

 Shake Head – Left, Right, A

Sleep – Down, Down, Down, B

Stink Wave – Right, Left, B

 Stretch – Up, Down, Down, B

Throw Tomato – Down, Down, Down, Up, A


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Thank you!

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Hmm, weird. The one time I went into a King of the Hill room, there was no kind of option like this when I clicked "A" on my avatar. >_>

There won't be. You get four options by pressing 'A' on your avatar. When those options come up, you input the codes above to have them do what's mentioned.