KOTH and "Next"

What do you think about the appearance of the "Next" indicator in KOTH matches.  I hate it, absolutely hate it.  To me part of the game strategy was to be able to predict where it was going to appear next.  I have people on my team focus on caps/breaks and where it is going to appear next. Now that part of the game is gone.




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It doesnt ruin the game, its fine.  The Next only appears within 10 seconds left in the ring.  Thats usually when people decide to move away and look for the next ring.  Quit complaining.

It really does.  It seems to work for the winning team.  Its turning into COD and becoming to easy.  I wouldnt mind if they did that for the loseing team that would make more sense.  Hopefully they take that out in the next update cause its cheap as hell

I don't like it....I prefer the randomness of no one knowing where the next ring is going to be and it spreads the players for a brief time until they knock heads again when they meet up at the next ring.

Showing "next" just allows everyone to run around the map from point to point leaving 95% of the map untouched!

Thanks for that. Corpse didn't understand my point I guess.  To me, its taking something that the smarter players were doing (thinking ahead) and gave it to everyone. It doesn't ruin the game but it took away an obvious advantage

I agree EV4D ,,i hate it also..Strategy and team work are gone

This is why I stopped playing KOTH all together.