so, taking a page outta LA NOIREs book on june 21 you have the option for the "KOMBAT pass" pay 1200 and get all 4 future dlc characters free when they come available. free klassic skins with each new dlc character.  I dont know about this.  I always planned on getting Skarlet but not kenshi. Seems expensive too


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15 bucks for 4 characters together or 20 bucks to buy them separately.That what it boils down too.

yup. I know im going to get them all anyway so I migh as well get the pass.

Yeah. IF you get the pass you basically get one character for free which almost makes up for the fact the 360 didnt get an exclusive. To the OP, if you want Skarlet instead of Kenshi that is fine you dont have to buy the pass you can buy them separate. Although I know why Boon is doing this pass because I know he said future DLC depends on how well this DLC sells and by getting the pass you are in a sense pre-ordering/pre-purchasing them and therefore Boon will base the sales of the pass towards the future DLC. I do notice this is called the season pass and since this is the Summer season, we could have another one for the Winter Season.