I am trying to get the final Galdur Amulet fragment in Saarthal and cannot get into the door because it is locked and I know Kofdir must go with me.  So, I went back and tried to complete "First Lessons", so Kolfdir would take me to Saarthal.  Here's the problem.  I am standing in the College of Winterhold on the spot with the arrow and Kolfdir will not do anything.  Except offer to sell me something, tell me about Wards and offer to train me in alteration magic.  I know there is something I must do or shout, but I cannot figure it out.  I am sorry if it is something really easy, but I am stumped.  I also apologige if this has been dealt with as I did scan the forum to find the answer and didn't see it.  Please help as I am a bit frustrated.  Thanks so much!


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There should be one that when you take it and put it on, bars close around you. Then you cast a spell at a wall, and it will break and then some stuff happens.

Not sure I understand what to do.  Crrection:  Instead of Kolfdir, I should have written Tolfdir.

Did you try going to the site, he is supposed to meet you there. If that fails, try reloading a previous save. Hope it helps

When you are trapped in front of the door, he tells you to use the amulet to get out.....equip the amulet and look at the door, then cast any spell on the door and it opens and Tolfdir will follow you out....