=KoG= Recruiting!

Hey guys, I'm SAINT JAMEZ911 and I'm the leader of =KoG=. I'm here because we are recruiting and need some more community members. We aren't MLG, we are just a group of friendly players from across the world looking to grow and find more players like us. First things first, we are a Multi-platform clan, not just Xbox so there is room for everyone! =KoG= Stands for Kingdom of Gamers, and in our little Kingdom we believe in respect and fairness, We play to have fun but that doesn't mean we aren't good. Hopefully after we grow we may have a MLG team, but for now we are just a bunch of buddy's playing for fun. =KoG= has an Xbox 360 branch leader, meaning this one person is in charge of =KoG='s Xbox Live community and represents it. This person is Pesci Monster (that is his Gamer Tag). So feel free to message him and friend request him, or you can message me as well. We play all kinds of games, so anyone is welcome!


A few things about =KoG= you should know is that we are doing are best to grow, so anyone can invite new members to the site. All members need to apply for the clan though. We will most likely accept all applications though, after it is voted on anyways. Really the only time your application may not meet our requirements is if you have cheated. We don't take to kindly to that. We do have a clan website through another company that website is http://kingdomofgamers.freeforums.org/portal.php


Check us out, join the forum and get to know us! Also just a side note, when registering to our forum please avoid the adds. Sense we are going through Freeforums.org we have to pay to get rid of them and we have yet to make the money to do so. Just a heads up! Also after your register there with be a cell phone number conformation code, Ignore it and scroll to the bottom. Anyways Thanks for giving this a look over, hope to see you on the forums!


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