KoA:R or FF13-2? And how do these compare to Skyrim?

I know Final Fantasy is kinda different from the other two with the ATB style etc but just wondering everyones opinions on these games, which you're gonna get (both? neither?) lol or how these compare to Skyrim (I never got Skyrim cause when it was released I didn't see any interest in RPG's for the 360 but im kinda getting back into it now. Highly doubt ill buy all 3, and still kinda doubt ill buy 2, but will definately buy 1.. and idk which one :D


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Also I made a thread about something similiar yesterday, but is there any news of a release date or even a discussion or announcement of an incoming MMORPG to Xbox? Dont care if its announced to be out in 2014, just tell me :p

ATM , i can't compare KoA /FF13-2 with Skyrim because i only played the demo and i find funny judge games based only in a demo but i can say that Skyrim is still  the best RPG released to consoles.

Skyrim is an open world game, Kingdoms of Amalur is a mix between open world and linear gameplay, and FF13-2 is mostly linear. KoA and FF13-2 both have demos out so you might as well try them.

I've tried both demos and I can't really decide which is better, or even if either of them are worth the money, but I was really just looking for other peoples opinions - positives and negatives they've gathered from each games demos, and looking for comparison with positives and negatives between the demos and Skyrim.

If you're one for a big open world RPG, go for Skyrim.

Warning: Playing Skyrim may cause the loss of willpower to stop playing.

Definately get Skyrim. I played the KoA demo and it was really generic. FF is a different game altogether.

I hated FFXIII, the first one. Big, long-time fan of the FF franchise. But XIII sucked in terms of gameplay. The combat was balanced, fun and challenging. The story, graphics and characters were all sublime... but the actual world gameplay and exploration sucked. It was a strait-up "on-the-rails" RPG, sorta like an on-the-rails shooter. I'm assuming XIII-2 will be little different. If you haven't played the first FFXIII game, might I suggest trying that out first.

Final fantasy is basically turn based, it also has a lot more reading.

KoA:R seems like it will be smaller, probably shorter, but much much much better combat, and most likely more voice acting.

Skyrim is hands down the best of the 3. but amalur's combat is superiour easy.

i would get skyrim if you don't have any of them... after a month or so when your done with that pick up amalur.