knights of the nine

Do you think we will see a return of the nights of the nine or no? Me i think it would be a great idea for the crusader relics to return


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I would have to say no. I want something new and fresh and yeah it would be cool if it referenced something from the knights of the nine.

I dont want them to return. It was a boring quest. BUT I want to see Ayleds return. Maybe even being able to make a Snow Elf and see there area to.

Knights of the Nine sucked...?


I'd rather something new, unless it was extra items from Oblivion (but I'd rather that was side DLC, not a major one, obviously).

Not too interested in any oblivion references/dl content harking back to that,i'd muich rather have the dwemer expanded upon a lot more,there's lots of references to them and quests involving things from the dwemer and morrowind,maybe be able to travel to where the dwemer were ported too?I just know they aren't dead and have major cities set up in some other plane of existence.

yes, dwemer i want to go were they went, the telaported to another plane, but on got left behind if you played morrowind he was in it. hi legs got blown off and had dwemer spider legs but half of his body was flesh. he had really good stories to tell.

zeroo wolf the snow elfs are falmer now.

I don't think anything should "return". I like fresh new content! :)

I would like to see either a huge DL expansion or a complete new game were you use an Elder Scroll to go back in time to when the Dwemer were at the Hieght of thier Power. Your job is to help them build a portal to send them all away to save them from some crisis and then insure the portal is safely locked away for them to return at the end of the game

thats what i think, in morrowind only one dwarf did not make it, he was cool and he was protected by the dark elf and had dwemer sdider legs.

Snow Elves are Falmer now? Really? *sigh* Did I miss something?