Knights of Lumin (KoL) Recruiting!

We are a small clan that my friends and I made. We are looking to add members and expand to increase productivity in games that members mutually have and meet new and friendly people. We are mostly a community just looking to have fun playing games and talking. We are currently looking for members who are mature and that are older then 15 but don't let that discourage you. Feel free to ask and we will see what we can do. Post be below with your information or and questions.


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The Knights of Lumin are still looking for new members. We have had a few new members join and we are always looking forward to meeting new people. We are still small but are confident that we will continue to grow and make many new friends. If you are interested in the clan post on the forum or contact these people. The Verlumin.   CrazyKakez.  ShansABabe.

What games is this clan on? such a COD ghost, BO2, BF4 or what?

It is mostly COD ghost and minecraft but we are open to pretty much anything. Those are the main games that most people have in common.

15 and up I will keep looking I am 3 times that age just to young for me.....

Just trying to have fun for everyone. There are some young members but that does not mean you have to play with them. There are older members also to talk to.