Knifing While Swimming

Personally, I think they should allow knifing while swimming.  Not the one-hit kill kinds, but just the slicing attack.  There have been many times where me and an enemy find each other in the drink and all we can do is swim around and into each other like some synchronized swimming event.  Kind of funny as is, but so many more lols can be had.


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I agree....I had this happen a few times. We look at each other and are like "Uhh...crap". Then someone panics and we both race to a ladder so we can pull our guns

How dare you think about knifing me while in the middle of a backstroke!

Haha, everything else in the game is chaotic and action-packed but once you're in the water it becomes civil.  Even racing to a ladder seems so orderly lol.

I once bailed out of a jet on Kharg Island by the D flag and there was an enemy in the water for some reason.  We swam in circles for a while and then suddenly he starts swimming away.  I'm like "oh ****, the ladder!"  So, I follow him but quickly realize that getting to the ladder after him would be useless, so I ended up hiding right against the ledge of the dock in the water.  He couldn't get a bead on me from up top I guess, because I saw the top of his head but no shooting.  A teammate finally killed him so that I could get out.