Knife Problems...

Hey, has anybody been having problems with the knife, I know this games getting old but I would like a patch for this to be released. It has happened many times to me that someone has caught me trying to knife them, I can see my knife entering their body, but no damage whatsoever. He then knifes me.

Invite me to your friends list and maybe we can have a game. I'm l.v. 26 by the way.


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My only explanation is that it could be lag.

it's gotta be lag on ur part....It's kinda funny when I look at my most used/best weapon it's the KNIFE! add me tho..I still need that knife 5 friends achievo! I'm 36 and still love stabbing! lol

My only issue with the knife is that they keep turning up in my back when I die,  i swear some of these players are like ninjas.


I do think there's going to be anymore patchs for BC2 Zanoob101, DICE are to busy nurfing BF3 for all the cry babys on Battlelog. It's a shame that DICE only  ever added server browser to the PC version of BC2.