Klondike Medals - Mining For Gold

I have tried a few times to get this, and am unable to, someone tell me how your supposed to do it please...there are no videos for it, or explanations, but I got every other medal just fine except this one, maybe I'm not understanding what your meant to do, or it's because the game crashes a few times as well, every time I think I do it, it just closes on me, and sends me to the start screen.  When I was getting multiple medals at once(or supposed to) the game shows me the message that I got the other medal like 10 times, and then eventually closes, and I don't get this medal...


I have tried closing the app, rebooting my pc, and trying again, but no luck so far, if anyone can explain how to do it, so I know, and when it shows up(at games ends or during the game right after you do it, that would be appreciated.)


Video tutorials for more than achievements would be helpful, as I find those everywhere, people seem to not care about the medals at all, when just trying to complete a game fully, I try to get everything, including the medals, before I say I am truly complete with it, other than just to have fun & play some card games.


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I figured out what I need to do, for this medal...however, now I started thinking...

---How often would this even be possible in any game of Klondike at any point during the game?

---What would be a good strategy to use if your trying to do this intentionally, and knew before-hand all or most of the cards(by playing/un-doing, and starting from the beginning...) and when would be a good time to give up or to know if it's even possible during your game?

That's what I'm trying to find out now as I work towards getting this medal...as it seems like the hardest one in the game...

So can you tell us how you get that medal? I just don't know what they mean. Maybe the german translation is bad, don't know.... Would be nice if you could explain what you figured out. Thanks!

I am trying to figure out this medal as well.  Any explanations?


Oooh that is a fantastic idea about doing videos of solving the achievements!  After the new year, we are going to be posting lots more videos, pictures, etc. on our Facebook page. I'm going to load up Solitaire right now and see if I can get it. If so, I'll post a video of it and a walkthrough for you all.

Our Facebook page is facebook.com/microsoftsolitaire

I got this medal too long ago to remember my exact steps, but you use the draw pile of cards at the top left. After you draw a card, it turns over to the right of the draw pile into another pile called the waste pile, so after you draw a few cards, you will have some cards still in the draw pile to the left and another pile of cards called the waste pile to the right. If you can use five cards in a row from the waste pile on the right (without drawing any more cards from the draw pile to the left) then you should get the medal. I hope this helps!