Klassic Cyrax and sektor dlc problem?

so i went to the marketplace and saw the compatibility pack for this dlc. i went to download it and it said it couldn't retrieve the data from xbox live. also before that i read on the side that the download was part of a title update. now i went and started the game and accepted the update. now the cyrax/sektor classic pack is nowhere to be found on the marketplace. is this a glitch or something?I also went to the dlc in game to see if i could download it that way but its not there either.


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Checking the DLC from the Extras menu will give you one page you have to flip through to view the 3 others. Just hit left or right for Skarlet, the Season Pass, or the Klassic pack. Check the marketplace again but search specifically under Mortal Kombat. I notice that sometimes the marketplace likes to hide a couple updates it has at times.


It could also be the fact that they removed it due to the glitch you could play as Skarlet without buying her. They'll put it back up when it's fixed, I'm sure. Possibly real soon.