Klassic Costumes

Has anyone heard anything about when these are coming to the xbox live marketplace??


I don't fancy paying the stupid prices they are charging on ebay but the costumes are pretty cool



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That's what I mean, It's always some vague hinting at stuff we want without any actual dates.

"Oh just keep waiting for costumes"

"We're working on the lag"

"The xbox demo is taking so long because it will have multiplayer"

Sure this stuff isn't exact testimony of his but this is how I feel at this stage in the game. I envision all the people who made mortal kombat laughing and rolling around in piles of money while we suffer the consequences LoL! Has anyone else here at least been frustrated at some point with all of this?

I guess, all in all I am tired of hanging on this dudes every word. My best option is to distance myself from it and these forums if I can handle it anymore. That's my own little counseling session ha ha!

I traded a Reptile code for a sub-zero code and $50 haha

Hey, im trading a Classic Sub Zero code for scorpion or reptile, message me if interested.    P.S. No scammers please

Hello i have a Scorpion and a Mileena 4 Trade Xbox360 and For PS3 Iam Looking for a Subzero,Kitana,Reptile,Jade

Now i have Trade here on Live many times my Codes are New and Legit Iam a Man of my Word when it comes to trades

Now the Way i Would Trade is Bassicly I Veriefied ur Code First then  I will Send u my Code of ur Choice Contact me for more otions my Codes are New and No scams Just a Gamer trying to Help one onother

I don't believe anything Boon says. Sorry. I have yet to see him follow through on his stupid twitter post.

I guess I would stand corrected on that one.

i'm glad i preordered  mines from amazon for the klassic reptile costume.

Just give it some time guys. The classic costumes should eventually come out on the marketplace. Boon told people to be patient on his twitter.

I can confirm that Jade is available for the 360 version as well.

Anyone who would pay the price of a whole game just for a character skin has way too much money on their hands...

Despite the forum change, the rules are still in place people. No trading is allowed. Besides, the costumes are coming out within the next week or so. Just sit tight.

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