kino der toten out of map

hi guys. my gametag is Lavishpeach 53 , please add me im looking for someone who knows how to do the out of map glitch on kino der toten, my highest round is 43, only if you know how to get out of the map add me


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Hi Lavis.  Have you by chanced tried to look on YouTube of how to get out of the map?  I am sure it will show you on there. :)

Will BOTH of you kindly LEAVE the forums. Almost everyone here frowns on glitchers, especially in MP games.

Who cares if he wants to glitch man? How does it affect anyone in a negative way. It's just for fun.

Well, almost everyone, except for the noobs. Plus, its like farting in church. I mean, farting in church isnt gonna really hurt anyone, but it might be alittle smelly, but you just arent suppossed to do it............./facepalm.

Hey UneasyJ.  If you could tell me exactly where it says in the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use it says "no glitching" then that would be great, other wise, I am not sure why you are saying "you just arent suppossed to do it"  because I have not seen that anywhere.  Anyways, back on topic.  Lavis, have you by chance found that video yet? :)

I could care less if you glitch personally, but ever since Ive been here in the forums, ANY information and/or videos about glitching (including tutorials) was always frowned upon and/or shut down/deleted, just saying. If you wanna elevator glitch in the sky, your easily killed, if you wanna hide in the rock on Fuel, your easily killed or avoided, but you are NOT suppossed to be in those places during MP games and its an exploit within the game and/or rules.

ok so my account can get banned you mean, anyways if you wanna teach me hw to do it jus add me or if you wanna play nomore jus add me,

i think its funny how she tells us her name in her post