Kingpin Achievement - Red Dead Redemption

If anyone is interested in working on getting the Kingpin achievement in Red Dead Redemption, send me a friend request and post here. The Achievement is to "Kill 8 unique players while in control of a territory." It is 99.9% impossible to get now in free roam since most free roam sesssions don't have 9 people in them (the minimum required for this achievement) and usually only 1-3 people will actually join in on the land grab session (even in free roam sessions with more than 9 people). Also, it is nearly impossible to stay alive long enough since everyone will bombard you with dynamite.

I'd post this in the RDR forums, but they are dead.

So, if you are interested let me know somehow. Do not post if you are not interested whatsoever. At least 9 people are required, however, more are welcome.


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