Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

This game gets released on 2/7/12 for 360/PS3/PC.  The initial gameplay impressions of it have been pretty sterling.  For those who don't know, this is the first release from Curt Schilling's new 2 headed studio, 38 Studios/Big Huge Games.  It is not a MMORPG (more on that in a second).  It's a single player RPG with action combat.  There are a few legendary names, aside from Schilling, associated with this game.

The Talent:

Ken Rolston - formerly of the Morrowind and Oblivion Elder Scrolls game is the lead on this.

Todd McFarlane - of Spawn fame, his influence in the art direction is really most evident in the excellent animations in this one.

R.A. Salvatore - one of the most popular modern fantasy authors, he wrote a 10,000 year history for the "Amalur" universe, and Reckoning takes place during a short period within that history.

The MMORPG -- Schilling initially created 38 Studios to develop a MMORPG based in the Amalur world (with McFarlane and Salvatore), but then acquired Big Huge Games to create a single player series to introduce gamers to the universe.  You don't have to enjoy MMORPG's to enjoy this game, because they are wholly separate and definitely built for different purposes.  But if you are interested in the genre, then this will introduce you to a pretty extensive storyline.  If you are interested in parts of that universe now, you can check out the lore site at

Videos and Screenshots

If you're interested in the game, you really should see the game in motion and here the developers talk about the systems at play.  There are two things to check out there -- the "Hero's Guide" series of videos, and the live playthrough events at places like PAX East or E3.  They'll show you a lot about the game:

Hero's Guide to Amalur (I really suggest the combat one to start with)

Live gameplay demos

Reckoning doesn't use a traditional class based system, but uses a series of "destinies" -- the destiny and fate video describes it a bit.

You can see a lot of screenshots from the game here.

The "Limited Edition"

One of the reasons I'm really pumped about 38 Studios is that I used to listen to Schilling talk about MMORPG's when he was in the majors and you could tell that he was a real gamer.  He posts a lot in a lot of forums, and is very in touch with the community.  One of the really cool things that they did was create a very limited edition "collector's edition" that was really just for some crazed fans who wanted something special from the game.  These aren't the normal collector's editions you see for other games where there are enormous quantities and some end up on the shelf at Gamestop for 2 years until they are discounted.  These were limited to runs of 2,000 - 700 - 300 depending on the price of the package you got.  The coolest ones featured signed lithographs from Ken Rolston, and a Prismere troll statue signed by either Schilling, McFarlane, or Salvatore, and a limited edition sketch from McFarlane.  

The Community

So as you can tell, I'm pretty excited about this one coming up.  If you want any more info, you can check out the official site and forums at, or you can visit the 38Watch fan community at

If you've got any other questions, I'll try to answer them where I can.  


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I've had my copy paid off for a while now. Pretty hyped about it.

Another open world action RPG?  I'll take it.

I have been patiently waiting for this game for quite some time now.  I am a little let down by the World of Warcraft art style though.  Graphics aren't the issue(I play Minecraft, lol), it just brings back memories of playing WoW years ago.  Let us hope they didn't butcher the writing of R.A. Salvatore and produce an amazing RPG because most companies fail in the genre.

l like the graphical presentation because I have faith they won't fall in love with the ridiculous oversized shoulder pads.  :)

[quote user="JAH herb"]

Another open world action RPG?  I'll take it.

[/quote]This and another SOLO game , i'll take it.

This is the first I've heard about this game, looks really promising.

It's on my radar now.

Looks pretty interesting. I never really liked this art style though, honestly.

I am hoping (and from videos and screens, looks like I am correct) that the game does not have the overly "cute" feeling that WoW has developed into in the last few years (with upcoming Pandas, and such).  

To see a few of the varied areas and settings of the game, watch this video from the 0:40 mark to the 1:40 mark..

I felt like I was reading a telemarketer's script.

If the closing pitch worked for you, then I'll be happy to set up a paypal account so folks can ink the deal.  :)

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