Kingdom hearts

c'è qualche possibilità di vedere un qualsiasi kingdom hearts sulla xbox 360 ? grazie.


there is a chance to see a game on xbox 360 kingdom hearts? sorry for my english , i am italian


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As of right now, it hasn't even been announced as "in development". When and/or if it does get announced, it will most likely come to the 360. Square Enix holds no allegiance to Sony

But I know that Square Enix Final Fantasy Versus XIII is producing only for the Sony so maybe there is some link between them

If Final Fantasy XIII made it to the 360 the Kingdom Hearts 3 can! (Rumor)

You're almost correct. FFvsXIII simply has not been announced for the 360, yet. There was a time when people thought FFXIII was a PS3 exclusive as well. But as it neared release, they made a big deal out of revealing that it was coming to the 360 just before the closing of Microsoft's press conference at E3. I'm sure they will do the same thing with FFvsXIII. The only reason FFXIV is a PS3 exclusive is because Microsoft hates MMO's and they turned it away.

quindi odiano anche i giochi come kingdom hearts ?

then also hate games like kingdom hearts?

[quote user="SchizoFrancesco"]

then also hate games like kingdom hearts?

[/quote]Kingdom Hearts is not a MMO.....


ma kingdom hearts e final fantasy vs XIII , vedendo i gameplay, hanno la tessa meccanica di combattimento , quindi come fanno ad essere 2 tipi di giochi diversi ?

but kingdom hearts and final fantasy XIII vs, seeing the gameplay mechanics have tessa fighting, so how can they be two different types of games?

Perhaps you should go find someone in some Italian forums since you obviously don't understand what I'm saying