King of the Hill - Noob question...

I don't get it....can someone explain what we have to long we have to stand there for...when we can get do we capture...what a break really is...I was playing it tonight and I captured and broke but haven't got a clue..


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You have to capture the ring by standing in it until it turns completely blue or red depending on your team. To break you have to stand in the ring for a second or 2

You can leave the ring after it is captured and the ring changes positions after 75 seconds

Also, for as long as you hold the ring your points will increase.

Make sure you learn the ring spawns. Move on to the next ring before current one expires. Spread out and the defend the routes to the ring, and standing in it after the cap is not something begginers should do. Moreso than any other gametype enimies will spawn right behind, in front, or to the side of u. Remember they are invincible for the first few seconds. When all else fails kill the other team.