King of Fighters XIII

I've never played any of the SNK fighters, (Fatal Fury, KoF, spin-offs) as I was more into Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat... but I was thinking of checking out the new King of Fighters XIII to see how different it was. Anybody excited for it? What does the series do differently than others?


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kof was the first do the cross over, and team up thing. the new one is definitely beez kneez, the newer game has tag-outs, combos that can lead into supers and ultras, and the new one is the one right after snk's kof rebirth for the series, which means they finally got better graphics, soo nice. its also  the final chapter in the  ash saga. its definitely a fun game. as far as different from others goes, it tends to have more moves and counters,  than some and the roll system you can use to get behind your opponent and avoid spammers, i'm mainly excited about it because they are actually rapping up the ash saga, and i'm a fan of the series and fighting games in general.

I'm liking it a lot. You will find that it plays differently than Street fighter but its more similar to the SF series than it is to other fighters like mortal kombat.

The characters are pretty interesting , there are mid bosses, and I found the boss fights werent as hard as previous KoF games. Rolling defintely helps avoid spamming. This game has a lot going for it. I havent found any laggy online matches yet, the story is fun arcade mode is fun, and you can save replays or colour edit characters. I know colour edit isnt as cool as the create a fighter modes of soul calibur and such but its decent.

If you like fighitnggames pick it up, go through tutorial, go through story and arcade and find out which characers you like using.